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“Company is Coming!” Overnight Hosting Checklist

Learn how to manage the preparation without the pressure of perfection!

Do you wish you could snap your fingers and the guest room would be ready to welcome visitors for a comfortable night’s stay? Transform the guest room into an oasis without spending a fortune or becoming overwhelmed with decorating and preparations.

If you’re low on budget, time, and space for guests, this checklist will help you get organized and create a space you are proud to host overnight visitors.

Download the Company Is Coming! Checklist

This checklist will teach you how to:

  1. Not sweat the small stuff! Choose less and watch it add up to more.
  2. Be present. Release the pressure and expectations of perfection and enjoy the moment.
  3. Prepare in advance. Plan ahead and get organized so you and your guests can have more fun when company comes to visit.

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Snag my very own step-by-step process to prepare for overnight guests with tips included to help you prepare each and every time. (Plus, more free stuff inside!)

Before I used this process, I found myself forgetting the most basic items a guest needs (erm, towels?). Now, I print this list off and breeze through it knowing everything has been taken care of and I can sip my wine and await their arrival! 

There are plenty of shortcuts inside so you can use what you already have in your home to create a comfortable space for houseguests. No magazine-style design necessary!

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