Rice Krispie Treats

The perfect no-bake dessert made in less than 30 minutes. There are plenty of variations, tools, and expert tips to make this the best ever!

1. Melt a stick of butter over medium-low heat.  2. When the butter has melted, add the bag of marshmallows. Heat and stir frequently as they melt. Remove from heat.

Step 1

Working in batches, add in the puffed rice cereal in two-cup increments for easy mixing.

Step 2

Tip: turn the heat on low for easier mixing.

Continue stirring the mixture until all of the cereal is well-coated with the marshmallow and butter mixture.

Step 3

Transfer the mixture to a well-greased 8 x 8 casserole dish or cake pan.

Step 4

Tip: spray hands with cooking spray for easier transferring.

Allow to cool for about 1 hour. Then, cut into 2-inch squares and serve!

Step 5

For easy serving, cut these into squares and layer them between sheets of wax paper.

Decorate with seasonal sprinkles for holidays Use fresh marshmallows for the best results. Instead of a wooden spoon or spatula, use your hands to press the mixture into the dish – it’s easier!


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