How to Make Classic Mimosas

Made with Prosecco and freshly squeezed orange juice! This is the perfect cocktail to sweeten up Christmas brunch. Make a single serving or a carafe to share.

The Best Mimosa

Make these with Prosecco (sparkling wine), NOT champagne. While champagne will certainly work, it’s best to use a dry sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava.

Why not Champagne?

- champagne or sweet wines will give you a headache. Plus, sugar isn't needed with the oj. - Price and quality aren't that important as it will be diluted with the orange juice.

Mimosa Ratio

Recommend a 3:1 ratio of sparkling wine to orange juice. Or, simply pour and taste test until you get the flavor and alcohol content to your liking.

How to Make a Carafe of Mimosas:

A carafe of mimosas: 1. Empty the contents of sparkling wine into carafe. 2. Add the orange juice.

How to Make a Single Mimosa

A single mimosa: 1. Pour sparkling wine into glasses, about half full. 2. Top with a few splashes of orange juice. 3. Taste test until the desired ratio is reached.

Mimosa Tips:

- Keep ingredients super cold. - Use freshly squeezed orange juice - Serve with fresh fruit garnishes

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