Best Ever! Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

With four simple ingredients, this homemade icing recipe comes together in just minutes. Perfect for beginner bakers!

What is cream cheese frosting made of?

Cream cheese frosting is made of four basic ingredients: 1. Cream Cheese 2. Butter 3. Powdered Sugar 4. Vanilla

How to Make Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

Beat room temperature butter and cream cheese in a stand mixer until smooth. Slowly add powdered sugar, then vanilla. Continue mixing until smooth.

Variations and Flavor Ideas:

Chocolate cream cheese frosting: Replace ½ cup of confectioner’s sugar with cocoa powder Lemon cream cheese frosting: Add 1 teaspoon of lemon extract

Variations and Flavor Ideas:

You can also add a few drops of food coloring to transform your frosting for holidays or special occasions, like with this heart-shaped cake for Valentine's Day.

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