Anna Kate’s love language is a crowded kitchen and a home-cooked meal. 

Growing up in South Alabama, her love for food, cooking, and gathering began as a small child. 

Under the watchful eye of her Nana, Anna Kate learned to cook, toddling on a kitchen stool and making out faded recipe cards. 

Along with a few helpful kitchen skills, it was on that rickety kitchen stool that Anna Kate learned many life lessons… 

You see, there was always an unexpected guest arriving just before supper in Nana’s kitchen, dropping by for a cool tomato sandwich or a hot dinner plate. Yet, at an already crowded kitchen table, somehow Nana always managed to have another spot just for them. It was there – in that kitchen – Anna Kate learned that food not only fills the belly, but it nourishes the soul, too.

About Southern Cravings

Southern Cravings was created as a way to document, share, and bring new life to the recipes that have been handed down through my family.

While Southern food is the main focus, you will find all kinds of easy meals with simple instructions and easy-to-find ingredients. Each recipe is carefully crafted to accommodate substitutions, variations, and skill levels. Around here, it’s about learning to work with what you have – experience and ingredients included.

I firmly believe that anyone can make a meal for their family, no matter the kitchen, appliances, or skill level. With simple instructions and easy-to-find ingredients, you will quickly find the confidence to prepare uncomplicated but delicious food at Southern Cravings.