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Helping you find the joy in cooking for your family and friends, through easy and approachable recipes.

Putting together a wholesome, delicious meal doesn’t have to involve obscure recipes or lengthy instructions.

If you are ready to reconnect with cooking and finding joy in the kitchen again, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s reconnect with loved ones and create memories and traditions that will be passed down for generations.

xoxo, Anna Kate

How Southern Cravings Began:

My earliest memory is sitting at my Nana’s kitchen table, eating a home-cooked meal. I remember helping her prepare dinner on many occasions and the love and care she used with every meal she made.

I hope to pass along that same love and care to you – my reader. You see, she didn’t follow fancy recipes (or any recipe at all, really), she didn’t have a fancy kitchen, and she didn’t have time for a lot of complicated steps and ingredients. She made it work with what she had.

I am proud to say she has passed those traits down through the family tree. I rarely follow a recipe, I don’t have a fancy kitchen or tools, and I certainly don’t have the time for complicated steps and ingredients.

But, one thing is for certain: I show my love through cooking for family and friends.

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