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Welcome to Southern Cravings!

Easy-to-follow instructions and accessible ingredients are the heart-strings of every recipe at Southern Cravings. Here, we cherish sharing our love of food with others, preserving family traditions, and finding more ways to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home.
If you enjoy cooking and sharing your love with others, welcome home!
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Popular Southern Foods

Southern comfort food! These time-honored dishes are some of my most popular recipes.

Dutch Oven Recipes

It’s not just for braising anymore! From the stove to the oven, dutch ovens are an excellent way to prepare delicious one-pot dinners.

Seafood Recipes

There’s nothing better than fresh seafood! While some of the preparation can be intimidating, I’ve got the shortcuts and all the tips you need to make a delicious seafood dinner for your family.

Air Fryer Recipes

Make it an air fryer dinner! There is no easier way to prepare a quick family dinner. You can make side dishes, meats, snacks, and more. This small convection oven cooks meals in half the time with all of the flavor.

Dinner Recipes

Whether you are looking for 30-minute meals or a Sunday supper that will feed the whole family, the main entrees section of this site will pair you with the perfect recipe.

Side Dishes

Complement a beautiful main course! From cheesy potatoes to fresh vegetables, find an indulgent or healthy side dish from the archives.