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Cooking Basics, Guides, and Tutorials

Learn to cook with the “how to” portion of this website with cooking guides full of tips, tricks, and hacks for an easier time in the kitchen. Accomplish various techniques, become familiar with different ingredients and basic cooking knowledge as everyone’s favorite home cook!

The key to cooking a delicious dish is to have a strong foundation of knowledge. These cooking guides will help you with some of the most fundamental cooking techniques and explore new culinary knowledge.

Learn to master different types of cookware like cast iron, pressure cookers, and slow cookers.

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Cooking fundamentals for beginners

Before we start getting too creative, there are a few cooking basics you should know and understand.

For one, make sure you are familiar with and know how to use every tool you have in your kitchen, and make sure you know how to properly care for things like cast iron, wooden cutting boards, and any heirloom cooking or serving dishes you may have.

This will allow you to utilize your equipment to the full extent before ever purchasing anything new.

Learn the basics of roux and how they relate to the five mother sauces, and you will be able to tie almost any dish from around the world back to that seed of knowledge.

Once you understand the fundamentals, that’s when you can really start having fun!

Cooking hacks to make your life easier

Once you have a foundation of knowledge, you can start having fun with cooking hacks to make your life easier!

There are tons of ways to simplify your cooking, depending on the tools you have on hand. A microwave can zap up a quick cake in mere minutes, and the 5-5-5 method in a pressure cooker is a surefire way to make easy-to-peel eggs every single time.

Leftover hacks are another great way to expand your knowledge and use up leftovers in creative ways instead of letting them go to waste. Check out our leftover mashed potato guide to learn how to transform a day-old dish into fluffy bread rolls.

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